Thursday, August 2, 2007

Mix Tape

Mix Tape is a new magazine from Melbourne, Australia. The first issue will be available August 12th but due to high demand, is already sold out. It is an eco-friendly, craft and culture zine "about making time for the small stuff" and can be purchased via the Etsy store. I think the cover (above) says it all. They are welcoming contributors for upcoming issues, so if interested check out their blog at:

Fancy + Fun = FanFun

Toshiba has a new line of phones called FanFun 815T. They can be customised using 12 different case covers, 300 different panel colors (yes, 300) and 30 different illumination schemes so your phone will never look like your neighbor's phone. They are available August 8th. Indecisive people need not apply.