Thursday, September 10, 2009

Use Apples - wikiHow

Use Apples - wikiHow

This made me chuckle, my grandmother used to make entire families out of carved apple heads (see #3). I think my mother might even still have a version of my grandfather a la shrunken apple head!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Beach Clean Up

As I signed up for my local beach clean up this past week it reminded me of this amazing jewelry line. Why you ask...well there is an awesome story here. Last fall, I was lucky enough to get a sneak peak at these gems when they were just taking shape in the hands of Designer
Barbara de Vries. It is completely unimaginable that she creates this stunning jewelry from plastic that she finds along the beaches of the Bahamas.

Each piece of jewelry is one of a kind as each fragment of plastic is unique after being shaped and molded over years, even decades in the ocean. The pieces mimic nature with their stone, coral or salt patina. Totally gorgeous!!

A little about Barbara:

Barbara de Vries has been a critically acclaimed designer for thirty years.

She grew up in Amsterdam and became a fashion model in Paris and London, working for Vogue, Cosmopolitan, and Yves Saint Laurent, before studying fashion design at the Royal College of Art in London.

In the eighties she had her own collection in London selling worldwide to stores like Harvey Nichols, Seibu, and Neiman Marcus and her clothes appeared in publications like Vogue, The Times, Harpers Bazaar and numerous Fashion-TV shows.

After moving to New York she became Director of Design at Calvin Klein where she launched the CK Collection.

Recently Barbara started to collect beach plastic after attempting to clean the plastic litter off her favorite beach in the Bahamas.

After so many years in the ocean, she says, the shapes and colors are often extraordinary and inspire me into giving them a second life as a pair of earrings, a bracelet or a necklace. Each piece evolves from it’s original shape and I am really just the recycler.

I love the pieces, the color, the textures, the shapes - all of it! And incase you are thinking maybe you can find your own beach treasures...go to to sign up for your local beach clean up!


Ok, it's been a while...too long prehaps...we've had a lot going on! Hopefully our followers will forgive us!'s a little eye candy that comes along with a good dose of brain food...straight from the creator...(and now I have to brag...) my onetime assistant, the fabulous Jane Henry!


"scarf design inspired by innovation and imagination

pushing creative boundaries

capturing the pulse of the present

Los Angeles designer Jane Henry will launch LOOMLAB this fall. Drawing from her database of visual thought, her scarf designs are inspired by her fascination with modernization and technology.

LOOMLAB was hatched to elevate the scarf market to an entirely new level. Jane envisions the laboratory at LOOMLAB as a springboard for inventive design and experimentation with technology, design, and materials."

Go Jane!!! stay in touch with LoomLab on facebook! and check out the Jane Henry interview on!