Friday, February 29, 2008

A Flickr of an Idea

Reine designer Mirit Wenstock was having dinner with a friend and they conversed over the idea that future history books would be filled with writing about the inventors of Google etc. instead of the artists of our time. That night, as Mirit was browsing through Flickr (the photo sharing site) she came up wit the idea of sending her new line of garments to portrait photographers so that they could take portraits of her collection in each of their individual styles. Artists from Bosnia to Israel jumped on board and Reine's Spring Summer 08 catalogue was formed.

The Other Boleyn Girl

Last year I read The Other Boleyn Girl and The Boleyn Inheritance by Philippa Gregory and really enjoyed them. Now, The Other Boleyn Girl has been made into a movie. Sandy Powell, an academy award nominee for her work on "Shakespeare in Love" and "The Aviator" has designed the Tudor era costumes for the film.

Scarlet Johansson as Mary.

Eric Bana as Henry VIII, wore costumes inspired from paintings of Hans Holbein.

Natalie Portman as Anne.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Marimekko Patterns

Using Marimekko patterns from the 50's, 60's and 70's, H&M has created a collection of women's and children's apparel for Summer 2008.

Kalmali at Wal-Mart

I know I shouldn't be surprised but the new designer/mass retailer match is Norma Kamali and Wal-Mart.
Norma Kamali has signed on to create a collection of women's wear, children's clothing, accessories, footwear and home items for Wal-Mart.

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Up my Alley

Development by Erica Davies is an L.A. based women's label and the clothes have a tailored, modern aesthetic that I can appreciate. Erica formerly worked on lines for Marc Jacobs and Richard Tyler as well as Sportmax, Max & Co. and BCBG MaxAzria.
Seen above are looks from her Holiday and Spring collection.


Here on Design Find, we find ourselves inspired by many facets of the design industry and we are always interested when one creative world crosses over into another.

This week I received an email from Jane Bevin about INLuxuryDesign, a relatively new, L.A. based company that she owns with friend Robert Ford. InLuxuryDesign has a "Post-Punk Hollywood Regency" style that can been seen in their fabric and wallpaper patterns. As a former burlesque dancer turned master printer and textile designer, you'd expect nothing less.

Above is a picture of an installation from their "Maths" collection called, "City of Light" (Night colorway).

Jacqueline Rabun

Jacqueline Rabun is a London based jewelry designer who has been celebrated for her individual work as well as for her collaborations with Georg Jensen.
Jacqueline has a new London store in a space that used to be a stable. She kept the old stalls but modernized the decor so that it is a clean backdrop for her organic collections.

Changing the Chick Channel

So Cashmere Mafia is rumored to be cancelled, Lipstick Jungle is hanging on for at least a few more episodes and Quarterlife is back on the air.
Quarterlife began as an ABC pilot. It was dropped and then run by producers online (MySpaceTV). Now it has been picked up and will air on NBC.
The show is about a 20-something magazine editor who seeks freedom by documenting her life online. To promote the new NBC show, a Quarterlife social networking site has launched (similiar to Facebook and MySpace) and is designed to appeal to twenty-something, misunderstood, creative types.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Far Far Away

A collection of footage taken from NASA's nine missions (from 1968 - 1972) to the moon has been compiled into a documentary named 'For All Mankind'. It debuts tonight at the IFC Center in New York and with NASA not planning another manned moon landing until at least 2020, this may be a good opportunity for you to relive the space race.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Two a Tee

Luke Wilson was recently named one of the top 40 Hollywood golfers by Golf Digest so he teamed up with Swedish sports star Johan Edfors to create a line of golf products for PUMA. The special edition products feature chrome details, higher-end merino wools and personal color combinations that have accents of vibrant green and pink. The line will launch in April and July and will be complemented by a women's golf line. One of the products that they are particularly excited about is the C-hopper shoe that you can wear on or off the course by removing the spikes.

Retail Therapy

I'm really digging the look of the John Varvatos Hamptons store that opened this past summer....

Pod Vases

Shaped like a pod, these modern vases can hold your flowers in a creative way.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

36 days of New York Sky

Michael Surtees, a New York based designer, has taken a picture of the winter sky everyday between 7 and 9am and has uploaded all the images to flickr. The combo of all the images in their set is seen above.


Ba&sh clothes are made using soft, natural fabrics and are "designed to be worn everyday". With two boutiques in Paris and a line available for international wholesale distribution, I am in search of the line in NYC. Above are some looks from their Winter 08 collection.

Bubble Rings

Jane D'Arensbourg is a Brooklyn based artist and designer who casts jewelry out of Pyrex glass and metal. Above are her metal cast bubble rings. If interested, some of her work can be purchased online at Auto.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Missoni Fall 08

It's fashion week in Milan and Missoni just had their runway show for Fall 2008. I really like their neutral color palette mixed with teal, mustard, cranberry and orange. For more photo's visit

Lounging Around

Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam has just opened its new Royal Center Lounge. The space was designed by Concrete Architectural Associates and Queen Beatrix showed up on opening day to check it out. Hope she liked it because she is one of the few that can actually use it. The space is intended to be used only by royalty, ministers, diplomats, state secretaries, etc.

Let it Rain

I know my in-laws in Amsterdam are going to be happy about this invention. Totes has developed a wind resistant (up to 70 mph) umbrella called SENZ.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Table Chair

Designed by Joel Hesselgren, these modern chairs slide into one another and transform into a table. Being an apartment dweller, I can appreciate the multifunctional use.


The Apprentice

Jerome Olivet, who worked with Phillipe Starck for three years, is now launching his own collection of leather goods. 'City Bag' ergonomically merges with your body and houses your iPod and mobile phone in a black glaze skin.

Orchid Inspired Chair

Designer Sebastian Gronemeyer took inspiration from the delicate leaves of an orchid when designing this reinforced fiberglass chair.

Monday, February 4, 2008

Jovovich-Hawk for Target

Go International is an exclusive, limited-time, line of styles for Target, which are designed by "rising star" fashion designers. So far, Target has had 10 designers create a mass market line for their stores. The next line will launch March 2nd and has been designed by Jovovich-Hawk (some preview looks above).

Pimp My Powder Room

OK, this is just funny (minus the tired use of the word "Pimp"). Roto-Rooter is holding a Pimp My Powder Room contest where you can enter to win a Powder Room with all of the electronic equipment you see in this photo (toilet with heated seat and bidet, a tv with heated towel rack, a hair dryer, a foot massager, a laptop computer, an ipod with speaker docking station, a coffee maker, etc. etc.) And when are they announcing the April, on National Plumbers Day of course.

Bitter Sweet

Just in time for Valentines Day, BitterSweets has come out with three tins filled with candy hearts stamped with 37 funny sayings. For those of us that are less then thrilled with the love-filled holiday, perhaps one of these tins will make you smile.

From Left to Right, the 'Dejected' tin has depressing sayings for those spending Valentines Day alone (ie: "Table For 1", "I Cry On Q"), the 'Dysfunctional' tin has bitter sayings for those in dysfunctional relationships (ie: "No Fix 4 Dumb", "Sub Prime") and the 'Dumped' tin offers kissoff sayings (ie: "Back 2 Kennel", "I Got Sober").

Friday, February 1, 2008

Ryan at the SAG Awards

Ryan Gosling walked the red carpet at the 2008 Screen Actor's Guild Awards on Sunday and I thought his look was refreshingly chic. His sister, Mandy, seen in the above photo, suggested they wear black ribbons to honor the memory of Heath Ledger. The rest of his impeccable outfit was pure Tom Ford.

Oh So Pretty

Lauren Moffatt's vintage chic clothes are available at better department stores and specialty shops. These are some looks from her Spring 08 collection.