Monday, April 30, 2007

Going Dutch

The Dutch-born, London-based product designer who is known for his lighting, has come out with a line of dishware, glassware and a book. Over a decade's worth of Tord's work is detailed in the book. In his words, "I believe that if we see design as a way of shaping the future of our world, it should be as exciting and thrilling as a great film or book. At the same time, it should communicate not only who we are, but also how we would ideally like our world to be."

Friday, April 27, 2007

Rock On

Tickets are going on sale for the Virgin Festival, at Pimlico Race Course in Baltimore, MD. on Aug 4th & 5th. The line up looks great with some classic favorite bands like the Police and The Beastie Boys, as well as all the 'newer' bands making current waves (Amy Winehouse, etc.) I'm thinking Road Trip! Check out the full line-up on:

Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Spring's Sprung

The Cherry Blossoms are in full bloom at the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens and I was able to take some nice pictures there on Sunday. The cherry blossoms and the weeping willows reminded me of a noteworthy florist in LA that creates objects of art that imitate nature. Check out the pictures, her objects. To see more pictures from the talented Krislyn Design, visit

Florence Broadhurst, Her Secret & Extraordinary Lives

Just ordered this book on Amazon. It features designs that haven't been seen in decades and chronicles Florence's rediscovery. In addition, the book describes the role she played in the resurgance by Helen and David Lennie of Signature Prints. To check out some of these beautiful prints, visit

Monday, April 23, 2007

Poking Fun

Vitamin Water has a new flavor called XXX (named for its 'triple antioxidant' formula). What I find funny is the label which reads, "c'mon get your mind out of the gutter, we only named this drink XXX because it has the power of triple antioxidants to help keep you healthy and fight free radicals. So in case you're wondering this does not cost $1.99/minute or contain explicit adult content or anything considered 'uncensored'. It has not 'gone wild!!!' during spring break nor will clips of it be passed around the internet like a certain hotel heiress. And it has never been seen live or nude, but it is definitely au naturale."
You know it's bad when beverage companies start dissing you on their product labels.

Little to Worry About

Sometimes it is the smallest of things that make all the diference. Every time I unplug my printer, scanner, etc. from my laptop, the cord falls to the floor and I end up on my hands and knees searching for them when I return home....usually hitting my head on the desk in the process. This small clip, made out of metal and acrylic, attaches to your desk, sticks out about a half an inch, and holds your cable while not in use.

Thursday, April 19, 2007


Ten engineering students at the University of California Santa Cruz, took a 5 hour study break and created some Donkey Kong art. The installation used 6,400 Post-it Notes but they needed to buy over 14,000 of them to make sure they had all the colors they needed!

All Things Green

New Zealand Avocado Oil used for food dressing or cooking has been replacing Olive Oil in a few top chef restaurants.
In addtion to being tasty, avocado oil is rich in vitamin E and contains the 'good fats' that help reduce the bad cholesterol. Check it out & see what you think....

Tea Time

These blooming teas are lovely and would make a nice gift (I'm thinking mother's day). Just add hot water and the tea buds open up to reveal a beautiful bloom. Teaposy is made with rare, silver needle, white tea leaves, scented with jasmine flowers and are available in eight different varieties.

That's it! I'm moving!

I am off to Chicago...who knew they have such cool shops? I came across this cool thing in Dwell (it's that magazine swell? - sorry) Anyway here's a little bit in their own word's from their website.

"SPROUT HOME believes a modern aesthetic can live in both the home and garden. Inside, our HOME offers a wide range of contemporary products from amazing soy candles, to hard-to-find home accessories, to sustainable furniture. Outside, SPROUT offers products any urban gardener would need - from ground basics, to tools and accessories, to that one must-have plant for your garden. Please feel free to stop in and browse our product selection and see how modern design can be utilized both inside and outside the home.

SPROUT products include unique and contemporary plants such as passion flower, horsetail grass, rare ornamental trees, organic herbs & vegetables, and much more. SPROUT also offers free design services, specializing in contemporary garden design and rooftop/deck container gardening.

Owner Tara Heibel developed the concept for SPROUT HOME, as well as designed the building which has been a welcome addition to Chicago architecture and the world of design. Tara's background is in Fine Art, and in addition to being a painter, she has worked for galleries and the corporate art consulting industry. Tara Heibel is also an avid rollerskater, Tetris champion, drummer, record collector, and gourmet chef."

Gothic Revival

I'm always looking for something new to do when I head to Amsterdam to visit the in-laws and I just came across this newly converted monastery in city of Maastricht. Having never been to Maastricht, this building has peaked my interest to visit. With the help of Dutch intereior designer Henk Vos, the 15th century monastery of the Crutched Friars, has been renovated and turned into a luxurious, 60-room hotel.

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Enjoy the Ride

Are you in need of a new bike? If so, check out the Trek Lime. This bike shifts automatically, is available in his and hers versions, and even has an under-seat trunk to stash your keys, ipod, etc.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Summer's Coming

Ashley Paige's new line of crochet, knit, swimwear has a great vintage feel to can check her line out at Saks & about 60 nationwide boutiques.

Charged Up

Solio, is a hybrid charger that will accept power from a wall socket or the sun. For about $100, it holds it's charge for up to a year and can be used to juice up all your handheld gadgets. I can think of many times that having an emergency power source would have come in handy while on the road...

Sunday, April 15, 2007

I want it Nau!

If you haven't heard of the chic new outdoor brand "Nau", you will. They are dedicated to "balancing beauty, performance, and sustaniable materials into functional, elegant designs" per WGSN. Their website is really worth a visit. The clothes are cool but not all that new looking for the outdoor market. They are chic none the less in that they are a bit more street worthy, keep you comfy, and don't make you look like you just hiked Mt. Ranier. Go see at

photo is a mannequin made of sustainable materials by the Japanese company D-Torso, the photo is off their website.

Out on a Ledge

Bloomframe is a windowframe that can be transformed into a balcony. It was designed and patented by Hofman Dujardin Architects, based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, With a push of a button, the balcony opens in 15 seconds. Taking inspiration from how a flower blooms in spring, this balcony system offers a solution to small apartment owners in dense urban areas, looking for some outdoor space.

Saturday, April 14, 2007

Black and White

Saks Fifth Avenue's logo has been reworked by graphic designer, Michael Bierut, of Pentagram.
It looks sharp...

Friday, April 13, 2007

Design to the Rescue!

For those designers recently awaken by the realities of global warming there is a forum to get involved. is an online resource intended to bring together the graphic design community to encourage sustainable practices. And provide networking with like mind clients and colabarators. It's a beautifully done site - check it out.


Hey check out What is you might ask? Superuse is an online community of designers, architects and everybody else who is interested in inventive ways of recycling. Essentially, folks of all types upload their products or art made of post consumer or excess materials and provide info on how they were done and/or how to get them. They are from all over the world, and very cleverly conceived like these bird houses made of billboards, or button-pins from junk mail!

New Rule

One of Germany's most established pharmacies, Linden Apotheke, opted for a store redesign when it decided to specialise in natural and naturopathic products. Check out the sleek terminals and how the colors from the boxes are brought up to the ceiling's floral pattern. I'm thinking: I wish the dark, dingy, never can find anything, pharmacy in my neighborhood looked like this. Honestly, you go to the pharmacy to purchase products to make yourself feel better...those products should be housed in a clean, sterile and current environment.

You're so Pretty, it Hurts

'Lace Fence' by Demakersvan, from ID Fence, will stop you in your tracks...

My Favorite Magazine Covers this Month

Not much to say here, I just liked how these April covers looked....

Laptop or Purse

The Ego laptop has an organic, round shape and comes with interchangeable skins so coordinating it with your outfit will never be a problem again...was it ever a problem? Anyway, they look cool and are currently being sold at Barneys.

When a Name Becomes Overkill

It seems like every time you turn around another celeb is coming out with a footwear/clothing line or a perfume/cologne.
They endorse watches, cell phones, and who knows what other products in the overseas market....Believe me, I get it but don't you think we have taken it a bit too far when Barry Manilow comes out with wine and Nicole Miller makes mints a fashion accessory?

Little Shop of How Lovely

Dior Joaillerie Victoire de Castellane, latest jewlery collection was inspired by carnivorous plants and poisonous potions. If you are looking for expensive jewelry that throws caution to the wind in a vibrant display of colors, look no further.

Enjoying the ride or feeling the pain?

Imus hit rock bottom, Rosie is in hot water, and Reebok's new ad campaign has smacked NYC billboards, subways, and citizens in the face. The above article was in Wednesday's, Daily News. Apparently, the ad campaign is drawing complaints. You tell me, are we getting too sensitive or is the public reaction called for?

Flower Power

The interesting new color for the garden is Chocolate. Nursery catalogues are featuring Chocolate plant varieties, which range in color from burgundy to near black. Seen above is Delphinium Chocolate. I am digging the idea of a "new" color for the garden to create an appealing contrast.....

Yellow Polkadot Bikini

At the turn of the century, New York had 15 floating baths moored along the East and Hudson Rivers. They provided an opportunity for the public to learn how to swim. The city has decided to bring that concept back and has commissioned a barge to be built with a seven-lane swimming pool, dressing rooms, showers and a snack bar. The pool will have enough space for 174 people. It will debut on the Brooklyn waterfront this summer. If it's a success, the Parks Department may buy more...

Thursday, April 12, 2007

Design your own T's is a website that encourages people to submit T-shirt designs. Visitors to the website can vote on the best designs. The best new designs are picked every week and the artist is given $1500 in cash and $500 in prizes + bragging rights when you spot someone on the street wearing your creation. Not a bad way to supplement the income....

Leo on fire and ice

This issue of Vanity Fair is about to hit news stands and the cover, featuring Leonardo, was shot by Annie Leibovitz. I think it is smoking. Love the look, the polar bear, the colors.....oh and just b/c....rumor has it he is engaged and his model girlfriend is pregnant.

Encouraging Design Entrepreneurs

Trunkt, is a design collective made up of talented artists and designers that are looking to break in to the retail landscape.
They have a store in NYC, a website and a recently launched, Trunkt LookBook. The LookBook contains designer profiles, product shots, contact info, etc. and is used as a resource for art and design buyers looking for unique products. Have a small company with no money for PR/Marketing? This could help. A membership costs $99 a year.

Laziness or Craziness

The "Load-thing" designed by Max Kistner, goes from a flat-pack sheet to a comfortable nest for your iPod, cellphone or PDA while the device is charging in an outlet. Since the "thing" mounts to an outlet via the plug, there's no chance of you tripping or stepping on it while it gets juiced up. It's about 10 Euro / 13 Dollars. Another time when you think to yourself, why hasn't anyone come out with this sooner....

Thursday, April 5, 2007

Orignal Vent

T, we're up!!!!
Not sure where to start. The "Man" is having a complete cow - he's ripping the house apart with a new washing machine - it won't fit thru any of the doors! so he's making it all fit! Yikes! And I am blogging, if there are no further entries after today...send the police.
And on those earrings...they belong hanging in a hotel lobby!

Anyone else, this is intended to be a fashion, celeb, life - vent! Please feel free to share anything related to the blog line. Hopefully, we will get some juicy input.

On a sad note, one of my favorite co-workers is moving to Ireland...We will miss her alot! Love you Jen!