Thursday, April 19, 2007

That's it! I'm moving!

I am off to Chicago...who knew they have such cool shops? I came across this cool thing in Dwell (it's that magazine swell? - sorry) Anyway here's a little bit in their own word's from their website.

"SPROUT HOME believes a modern aesthetic can live in both the home and garden. Inside, our HOME offers a wide range of contemporary products from amazing soy candles, to hard-to-find home accessories, to sustainable furniture. Outside, SPROUT offers products any urban gardener would need - from ground basics, to tools and accessories, to that one must-have plant for your garden. Please feel free to stop in and browse our product selection and see how modern design can be utilized both inside and outside the home.

SPROUT products include unique and contemporary plants such as passion flower, horsetail grass, rare ornamental trees, organic herbs & vegetables, and much more. SPROUT also offers free design services, specializing in contemporary garden design and rooftop/deck container gardening.

Owner Tara Heibel developed the concept for SPROUT HOME, as well as designed the building which has been a welcome addition to Chicago architecture and the world of design. Tara's background is in Fine Art, and in addition to being a painter, she has worked for galleries and the corporate art consulting industry. Tara Heibel is also an avid rollerskater, Tetris champion, drummer, record collector, and gourmet chef."

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TO said...

Funny, I came across them in Dwell also. Their site has some cool stuff. Next time I see my brother in Chicago, I'll want to swing by this store.