Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Ok, it's been a while...too long prehaps...we've had a lot going on! Hopefully our followers will forgive us! So...here's a little eye candy that comes along with a good dose of brain food...straight from the creator...(and now I have to brag...) my onetime assistant, the fabulous Jane Henry!


"scarf design inspired by innovation and imagination

pushing creative boundaries

capturing the pulse of the present

Los Angeles designer Jane Henry will launch LOOMLAB this fall. Drawing from her database of visual thought, her scarf designs are inspired by her fascination with modernization and technology.

LOOMLAB was hatched to elevate the scarf market to an entirely new level. Jane envisions the laboratory at LOOMLAB as a springboard for inventive design and experimentation with technology, design, and materials."

Go Jane!!! stay in touch with LoomLab on facebook! and check out the Jane Henry interview on BobbinTalk.com!

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