Saturday, June 9, 2007

Who's Your Uncle?

Bob's Your Uncle! So, everything must be good!
I was at an off-site design meeting, where one of the guest speakers was a lovely woman named Michele Yeeles. Her and her husband, Martin, started a stationary/home goods company - Bob's Your Uncle - while working as footwear and graphic designers, repectively. She reminded us that good ideas and great business don't always need to start off with huge backing - they have done this all on their own dime (starting out with simple home published greeting cards). They never had any grandious complicated plans, they often come out with a new product at the suggestion of a friend, an account, or one of their manufactuers - which are all local (Boston) based. She gave us all the page marker tabs shown above - LOVE them! I am definately ordering up "the emergency box" of all occassion cards. They will be opening a shop in the Fall. For more info on the history of the name, other products, and where to buy go to

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