Friday, March 28, 2008


Check these wheels out! A-Parent-ly DAWS (Dad's Against Whack Strollers) started building custom tricked out rides for those little Ed Hardy wearing tikes. FINALLY! This model is inspired by 1950's automotive detailing. With a price tag of around $2K, you will be needing your own "Rock of Love".

This is what the makers, Pinstripe Prep, say about it...
"Kid Kustoms is expanding their accessory line with a new style to add to their interchangeable rear fender package. Dubbed, the Traditional ’59, it borrows its design cues from the glitzy grandeur that was the American classic automobile of the 1950’s. The rocket fins feature functional lights that are illuminated by applying the use of the disk brakes. They can be ordered with Kustom graphics, chrome trim packages and chrome badges to further personalize your Roddler. The ’59 fenders are available on a base model for a moderate up charge, or as a second pair for your ride. Contact your authorized dealer for more information, or order them directly from Kid Kustoms."

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