Monday, July 21, 2008

Wild Horses

"Love"is one of the gorgeous photographs I came across at the exhibit, "The Wild Horses of Sable Island" photographs by Roberto Dutesco, in early June at 13 Crosby Street in lower Manhattan. I believe it's been there for a while now, but it's been haunting and inspiring me since. I truly love the imagery and even more so the romanticism of the sea that drifts into my mind whenever recall my 3 visits which I am reminded of by the postcards and poster size flier I picked up there.
I had never heard of Sable Island before, but apparently a herd of nearly 450 of these beautiful wind worn horses have been making a home there. Their lineage is of survivors of any number of the over 275 shipwrecks recorded since 1583. Horses being transported from Europe, Africa, or the local "Acadian" wild horse to southern parts of the new world.
The herd bands together in families of 40-50, comprised of a dominate male, a couple of females and their youngsters, with males banished to form small "bachelor" herds.
I am saving up and plan to make my first serious photography investment on one of these beauties, or maybe one of the surfboards printed a collage of the images. "Love" is really how I feel about them...but then again I am a "horse-person".


TO said...

Nice photo....really pretty. Like the post!

Princess Jewels said...

Nice & sweet to the hearts!